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The Orderly Oracle – October 21

As I enter into the upcoming week, I typically find time to close out the previous week and enter into the new one with intention. My structure and practical process for this is discussed in another video I did recently on starting the week with intention. Today, I want to share how the intuitive part of this process comes together for me, and share the wisdom I’ve gathered for the week ahead. 

The Runic Book of Days & We’Moon 2018 Calendar

The rune for this time of the year, Wunjo, directs us to finding and allowing joy with intention as we go into the week, while the Phoenix card adds nuance to that cycle by pointing toward our current state of transformation as crucial to the cultivating of joy while also reminding us of the joy transformation can bring. 

The Soul Card chosen reminds us that the work we are doing is directed by those energies that are furthering us for the furthering of all, and that opening ourselves to this path creates crucial and transformative safety for the generation to come after us (the children, ours both genetically and collectively).

The reading for the end of this week in the We’Moon calendar also speaks to where we are carrying our ancestors and paving new paths by knowing what we’re carrying because it’s our job to witness/heal/repair it. We are transforming, shaping future generations, and carrying our ancestors with us very closely in the week ahead.

Portable Fortitude, Soul Card

What does this means is that it is important during this time to choose work, play, and sacred tendings that serve whatever shifts we’re feeling so deeply right now. Be exceptionally intentional this week. Be present for the changes blazing through ourselves and the world. Take a scrutinizing look at what attempts to pull our energy that doesn’t align with these changes.

With this in mind, I chose a Portable Fortitude card for protection this week. The 8 of Spades provides “protection from being led astray.” Carry it with you, remember to allow joy, and protect the transformative shifts you’re feeling right now. 

Our joy, our ancestors, and our children depend on it.

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