Ritual & Routine

Monthly Review

Here’s one way that I create touchstones on my personal and professional paths:

At the end of the month, I look BACK (at the schedule, at task lists, time spent and where/why, lessons learn, info gathered, major planned and unplanned events, budget, all of it).

Next, I look IN (internal check in about how the past month felt, how aligned/rested/stressed/healthy/whole/loved/connected/informed/rushed/behind I feel at the end).

Finally, I look FORWARD (make a flexible plan, list important projects, tasks, events, intentions of all type, schedule not just work but play as well, do a divinatory reading, ask spirit helpers and ancestors for guidance). •
Block some time for this monthly, and then smaller versions of it weekly, and even daily. Make sure to look at all the aspects of life: work, home, family, friends, play, nature, service, spiritual, physical health. The more we examine and then act with informed intention, the more soulful and aligned we are with our path. 

Feel free to share your strategies, thoughts, and techniques in the comments, or tag me if you share them in your online spaces. Let’s witness this monthly transition together.

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