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Birth Your Helpless Baby

I had an epiphany during a conversation today and I want to talk to you about launching that thing you’re working on when it’s ready to share rather than when it’s PERFECT, and how we’re genetically made to burst forth before we’re fully and perfectly formed. What are you hesitating to share with the world that could be more than good enough for right now? Launch that shit! Birth your helpless babies and then let those around you nurture it, guide it, and help you refine it.

Video originally from IGTV over at @SoulfulFocus

1 thought on “Birth Your Helpless Baby

  1. So much truth and beauty in this analogy, Brandice! Thank you for your reframe and encouragement. I’m realizing, also, that when we launch things when they are “good enough”, then we allow ourselves to then “mother” (or parent) the creation, which is another beautiful experience as a creative and intuitive being.

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