Welcome to Soulful Focus

You go into the week with resolve and enthusiasm, work your ass off to fulfill the needs of clients, customers, and loved ones, and by the time Friday hits, you have no fucking clue what you accomplished. You know on a deep level that you didn’t get everything you needed to feel grounded and fulfilled. You tell yourself that next week will be different, but next Friday is a repeat of that same unfinished, frazzled feeling.

You resent that you lost your entire week to the loudest demands. You’ve now lost treasured time you meant to spend tending the sacred threads of your life. Your loved ones feel your absence, and your most exciting projects have been temporarily forgotten or usurped by shit that may not even belong on your plate.

Are you someone who purchased at least two different planners this year, has office supplies coming out of your ears, to-do lists and post-its in piles all over your life, and you still don’t use your time in meaningful, measurable ways?

I’ve been there. Most people have at some point.

The fact that you are busy, constantly running, handling five things at any given time, and immensely responsible in multiple areas of your life does not mean you’re productive, and it definitely doesn’t mean that you’re fulfilled. It means that you’re out of focus.

As someone who appreciates the occasional (or even frequent) use of a well placed F-bomb  it really says something that I see “busy” as a four-letter word that can do just as much, if not more, damage than your favorite expletive.

Busy is for bees, and sacred, intentional focus is for YOU.

It’s time to go beyond surviving and instead THRIVE within all of the lives you live. What does this look like?

  • You go home and you’re fully present for yourself and anyone else you call family. You manage household responsibilities realistically and with more compassion for yourself and others who share an intimately restful and rejuvenating home space with you.
  • You go to work and take appropriate breaks, use systems that keep you grounded in what you’re doing, maintain boundaries that keep you out of office politics, and you optimize your time so that you can leave on time, and leave work at work.
  • You see your friends and carry zero guilt about being away from anything else, knowing that you’ve worked smart and prioritized your continued wellness in order to be completely off duty on all fronts, and this makes you a better friend to those you thoughtfully welcome in to your life and to yourself as well.
  • You go inward because you know that you’re better equipped to wear all of your hats when you feel connected to and supported by a well-tended soul path, a spiritual community, your ancestors, the land you live on, and a holistically tended body.
  • You show up outwardly because you now have time and appreciation for offering thoughtfully chosen service to communities  (human or otherwise) in need of the time and energy you now have to give, and depending on your identity, the privilege you’ve become willing to spend.

It’s completely possible to thoughtfully tend all of the areas of our lives with sacred respect for a life lived intentionally.

You might be able to tackle this refocusing on your own (although you’re already doing everything on your own, and isn’t that shit exhausting?), but wouldn’t it be nice to have someone to focus solely on YOU and whatever you need to reclaim perspective and grounding? Enlisting an ally in this journey is one of the best gifts you could give yourself, and this is a journey that I love to continually assess and refine, both for myself and for others.

I can help you regain focus, and I can do it without creating further stress or taking more of your time. Living a soulfully focused life is about reclaiming what’s been given away without clear intention or consent, and giving energy to all areas of life with sacred and intentional awareness.

That’s my wordy way of saying I can help you balance that shit.

You deserve to feel a hell of a lot less busy and that much more productive and fulfilled. You deserve to deeply connect with the reality of how hard you work, how much you care, and how deeply you impact those around you with all that you accomplish.

If you’re not connected to those realities, you’re missing the best part of everything you’re doing for yourself and others: the experience.

Here are the key areas of information and mentoring that I offer to clients:

    • We are increasingly more efficient and less stressed with the right allies, the best tools for our current work, and systems that streamline that work and offer us accountability and support.
    • So much of our precious time is wasted at work, in front of a screen, or staring at a pile clutter. We don’t meet optimal outcomes because we don’t offer ourselves the right structure and supportive routine.
    • I’m not a fan of ten-year roadmaps, but when we don’t have immediate goals that are rooted in some kind of forward thinking about our lives we are the highest risk of being pulled off course and fulfilling someone else’s goals rather than ours, often to our own detriment.
    • We often know what isn’t working, but we don’t make changes. Why the hell is that? Answering the question can often provide immediate clarity about what we can change and willingness to finally do it. I push myself and others to always poke at the ways we either hold ourselves back or allow others to hold us back.
    • There’s no point to any of this without a deep connection with the sacred in our lives. It doesn’t matter what that means for each of us, only that we access, heal, and nurture both ourselves and the world in which we carry our sacred ancestral line.

What I offer through Soulful Focus is my witnessing of your journey toward refining and embracing all of these things. I offer individual productivity consultation and mentoring, intuitive support, occasional pop-up communities, an ongoing private community for those who’ve worked with me, and much more!

Reach out today so that we can talk via email or a brief exploratory Zoom call about what offering would work best with your personality, schedule, and productivity style.